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Workshop Information

Presentation Topics

Water and Energy Evaluation and Quantification
    • evaluation and validation of water treatment methods
    • evaluation and validation energy requirements
    • monitoring and evaluation of water and energy projects
    • quantification of current resources
Water and Energy Distribution and Sustainability
  • logistics: water treatment, storage, distribution, and use
  • resilience of water resources against impacts of climate change, demand and supply
  • capability gaps and current research interest
  • balancing the grid in austere environments
  • distributed power and smart grid systems for the rural communities
Water and Energy Generation and Modelling
  • water generation that is safe for human and animal consumption
  • trans-boundary water resources
  • using data for science-driven policy
  • using Buckeye data to understand water, soil resources
  • water security and climate risk-informed decision analysis
  • soil resources as an opportunity
  • power generation for desalination and other water treatment needs
  • renewable power resources
  • small-scale power for small-scare water treatment
  • development, introduction, and assessment for energy policies, standards, and guidelines
  • adoption of renewable energy for sustainable water supply in austere regions
  • artificial intelligence in austere locations